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 raj butterfly effect

Butterfly Effects

Exploding on the earthy canvas
Paper and Ink and Pigment

Exploring dimensional nuances
Phasing onto the X, Y, and Z-axes

Expanding the surface of awareness
From the Origin to Infinity and Back

Expounding on nature of Space
Imaginary, Illusory, Ephemeral

Extrapolating a point into Time
An Irrational Reversal of Phase

Exemplifying the Nature of Chaos
Temporally blind, in phase-space

Extraordinary like a butterfly-effect
Fluttering Moths at the boundary of heat.

Like a Butterfly, once a worm;
on mulberry leaves, it feeds, then moves on
into a cocoon of metamorphosis

Like a moth's attraction to light;
restful with wings spread wide, not in flight
but for basking in the warmth

The cocoon will untimely boil
The warmth will finally burn
The silk will pay for the keepers toil
The moth still awaits its turn

What cause for the butterfly's flutter?
What effect from the moths in fire?
The brush that dances, with staining ink

Chaotic Attractors, patiently plotting
imagined boundaries of arbitrary origin
leading up to the butterfly effect.

© 2004 Sachin Phatak