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 raju black Canvas  
 black canvas 

Colours of Black

Some years ago...
When we began to begin,
We thought we could fly,
And this idea wouldn't die.

So we kept moving,
With this strange belief....
"We are together...
...now and ever."

As we moved on,
We moved away from white,
And slowed down only after...
We were surrounded by black.

Lost in the race of time,
Started to run...
...through the journey of the past,
But got separated.

With peer pressure
And shattered mind,
Had to dive back,
Into the space of black.

With a single thought,
That I have to follow my path,
I forgot how dark and darker,
Were the colours of black.

Kept moving, kept doing,
To find things in dark,
That's when i started,
To see everything in black.
Even today i think we could fly,
And still this idea wouldn't die.
So I continue my journey,
To enjoy the colours of black. 

Tribute to a friend...
who is so far away in my mind.
~ Vinesh Athma / 27-11-2006 ~

What is blackness?


When we switch off the illumination in a room, darkness descends at the speed of light every thing appears to be black.
Then our eyes start to get accustomed to the low lighting and we start to see the shape and form of the objects in
the room; but we cannot really see any detail.


That is why light is the universal symbol of knowledge and darkness is always associated with ignorance; where everything
is black and therefore one can no longer gain any knowledge of the surroundings.


But imagine for a moment your own bedroom, can you not comfortably walk up to the bathroom door without any light?
That is because within that space you have transcended the need for light.
You already have all the knowledge you need to take that walk.

Though the dark lord always wears black, black is not dark.


Let us explore this color for a while…

In the light theory of color, black is the absence of all colors, and in the pigment theory, black is the presence of all colors
in a palette at once.


On canvas the blackness is not the absence of color… it is the transcendence of need for color.


Why does the artist need color anyway? After all most of the greats like Picasso claim the ability to use blue if they run out
of yellow and red for orange.

-Sachin Phatak
25th sept. 1972 - 18th june 2005.